Special Exhibitions

1. The Era of Bookstores

- Location : Hall A
Recently in Korea, small, local bookstores, those which were once becoming obsolete, are becoming popular again. 20 small, independent bookstores loved by book readers are gathered to introduce their unique themes and bestsellers. The event is to promote independent bookstores in locals and reading culture by introducing small bookstores all across Korea, those which are becoming hot spots in their areas.

2. Discovery of Books, Hall A

- Location : Hall A
It is a small, themed exhibition with 40 small yet extraordinary publishers in Korea each presenting seven books. It is a special exhibition to discover excellent books hidden across Korea.

3. Reading Clinic

It is a one-on-one reading clinic with pre-registered readers and experts of writing, science and genre literature. The purpose is to help readers in Korea, those which are interested in reading yet have difficulties in choosing books to read or want to try a new genre, by prescribing them with books that suit their interest through conversations.
*The registration for the Reading Clinic program is only available in Korean. Click