1. How can I participate in the fair?
- Anyone who is interested in participating in the Seoul International Book Fair (SIBF) can register by sending in the complete form as a PDF file (only possible to apply by email) to info@kpa21.or.kr
2. What is the difference between a standard stand and an independent stand?
- Standard stands are identically-designed assembled stands that are provided by SIBF upon request.
- Independent stands are stands that are built by contractors upon the request of the exhibitor.
(Stand design and construction is included when installing independent stands)
On average, exhibitors request one to three standard stands (more than four stands are allowed), and/or two or more independent stands.
2. How do I select a contractor?
- For safety and operational reasons, you can only hire stand contractors assigned by COEX.
※ List of contractors assigned by COEX
3. How can I use supplementary facilities, such as electricity, internet and telephone?
- Please submit an application for the use of supplementary facilities, including electricity, internet and/or telephone, at the exhibitor meeting, which is scheduled for the end of April or during May, or after the stand layout has been completed.
4. How can I get parking and visitor passes?
- Check and receive the number of parking and visitor passes that are allocated to your stand.
(The number of allocated passes will be notified to confirmed exhibitors during the exhibitor meeting)
* Parking pass: Parking passes are provided at the Exhibition Support Center. Please submit your name card to receive the pass.
* Visitors pass: Visitors passes will be sent to the address you submitted in your registration form.
4. How are the stands arranged?
-The layout of stands will be determined by the 2017 SIBF organizing committee, depending on the number of applying stands and exhibitors’ requests.
5. When can I get invoices?
-Invoices will be issued once the application form has been submitted and has been confirmed by SIBF.
※For a copy of the invoice, please contact the SIBF organizing committee at jurimin@kpa21.or.kr