Exhibitors List

No. Company Name Website Stand No. President Person in Charge E-mail Company Profile
1 &dolphin www.instagram.com/and.__.dolphin 819 KIM, Eun-Ji KIM, Eun-Ji anddolphin@naver.com  
2 2017 Republic of Korea Book City Jeonju lib.jeonju.go.kr 420 PARK, YONG JA HONG, Hye Jin hihongsi@korea.kr  
3 7Pictures 7pictures.co.kr/ 609 heejae jeon heejae jeon hjjeon@7pictures.co.kr  
4 AITUTTI   812 euna-kim euna-kim schizoo@hanmail.net  
5 ansora www.facebook.com/sora.an.18 826 yasuda ryoko yasuda ryoko ansora1003@gmail.com I am making a guidebook that introduces Korea under the name ansora. In addition, I operate a production company and I am making a Kansai region guidebook in Japan.
6 ARAM www.arambook.net 100 ARAM Hee-Jun Ko heejun0419@naver.com  
7 AREMY   616 HAN, Soo Ryong HAN, Soo Ryong hecats@hanmail.net AREMY develops and publishes various contents related to reasoning and education for adolescents (including children). AREMY provides the interesting contents which help adolescents improve the reasoning and problem-solving ability and use some thinking tools actively like Sherlock Holmes.
8 ARTBOOKS Publishing Corp.   932        
9 Arzaklivres www.arzak.co.kr 206 Park, Eun-Joo Pahk, dong joon djpahk@naver.com  
10 Association of Korean University Presses www.akup.co.kr 106 Kwon, Won Soon Shin, SunHo gogh@hufs.ac.kr AKUP is a social gathering of university presses in Korea. The aim of AKUP is promoting friendship among the members. AKUP also aims at contributing to the improvement of academic culture of Korea by vitalizing publication business.
11 audien www.audien.com 418 Lee, Soren Han manjae mjhan@audien.com Audiensori is develops further the Korea’s largest audiobook business as a new value-added growth engine to jump into the best contents company. The audiobook brand ‘Audien’ provides Korea’s largest and best services ranging from bestseller copyright contracts, to audiobook production.
12 Bada Publishing co. www.badabooks.co.kr 301 KIM, In-Ho Han-Joong Kim badabooks@daum.net  
13 Balgeunmirae publishing Co.   933        
14 banni   909        
15 barambooks   915        
16 Bombom Publishing. Co, cafe.daum.net/bbpub 412 HER,KEE HER KEE keeher@hanmail.net "Bombom," which means "to see the spring" in Korean was founded in 2003 with aim of publishing childen's picture books that present hopes and dreams to children, who are like fresh sprouts in the spring time.
17 Bonheur pysladybird.blog.me/ 839 Park young suk Park young suk pysladybird@naver.com  
18 Boo-Hill & Ichi Science   514        
19 BOOK21 www.book21.com 205 Kim Yeoung Gon Kim Hanseong sharon@book21.co.kr Found in 1990 with “Unique & Innovative” spirit, Book21 Publishing Group is one of the leading publishers in South Korea, a broad-based in business, self-help, current issues, fiction, children’s books and much more besides. We has four brands including 21st Century Books, Eulpaso, Owlbook, Arte.
20 BookGoodCome www.bookgoodcome.com 401 LEE, Soon-Young Lee Soonyoung bookgoodcome@gmail.com BookGoodCome is home to children’s books and fiction about healing and living in harmony with the environment. We devote ourselves to discovering talented new writers and sharing quality books with the world. We are dedicated to creating a beautiful and exuberant world with quality books.
21 BookInMyLife   905        
22 BooKiss www.bookiss.com 806 Kim, Hak Jin KIM, HAKJIN hakjin88@gmail.com Beautiful Design is founded in November, 2011. We have published a book and produced various items related to book, such as bookmark, card and bookart items.
23 Bookmecca WWW.ABCBOOKS.CO.KR 710 PARK SUN BOK PARK YOUNG HOON bookmecca@daum.net  
24 Booksense   928        
25 BOOKSFEAR   924        
26 BookSoLee sosobook@naver.com 834 LEE, Jeong-Ah Lee jeong-ah sosobook@naver.com  
27 Bookstory ebookstory.co.kr 208 JU, Jeong Goan Baek ji in bookstory9@naver.com  
28 boottouch www.boottouch.com 827 LUCIA CHOI LUCIA CHOI boottouch@naver.com  
29 Bori Publishing Company www.boribook.com 511 Yun Gu Byung Yang Byoung Hee hanrri@boribook.com The Bori Publishing Co. publishes books for children, youths, teachers and parents. In 1991 the Bori Project Group grew into the Bori Publishing Co. and ever since has continuously put out books reflecting sound educational philosophy and showing prospect of Korean education.
30 borimpress www.borimpress.com 413 Kwon, Jong-taek kim young min ok@borimpress.com Since 1976, Borim Pess specializes in picture books and has been publishing Korean traditional picture books, world famous foreign picture books, humanities and art books for children, contributing to the recognition of picture book as a stand alone genre in Korea.
31 Bricks Education   405        
32 Bulkwang Media Co. www.bulkwang.co.kr 207 Ryu Jee-ho KIM DAE HYUN kimdh2321@naver.com Bulkwang Publishing was established in 1979.We have a publishing company(about 30 books a year), a monthly magazine(about 15,000 copies) company. Among them, BulkwangPublishing has published about 500 books till now, and it’s one of the top brand of buddhism publishing in Korea.
33 Bumwoosa www.bumwoosa.co.kr 217 Yoon, Hyung-Doo Kim, Young-seok bumwoosa1966@naver.com Bumwoosa has published more than 4,500 titles since 1966. Our books cover have a variety of fields ; literature, philosophy, religion, social science, history, arts and natural science books. Monthly magazine is Book & Life.
34 bysong fabric bysongfabric.modoo.at 828 song soon hwa song soon hwa soondinggo@naver.com  
35 CALLIGONGZAKSO www.calligongzakso.com 808 KIMJIHYO JEONG JOONSIG cgongzakso@naver.com  
36 Calm Voice   604        
37 candynote www.candynote.com 824 JO,EUN-DECK JO EUN DECK candynote@hanmail.net The main ingredient the fabric bag, purse, wallet, a wrapper, making the props, such as pencil case. The more time bells is I want to give the do-it-yourself own warmth.
38 CEDUBOOK www.cedubook.com 504 KIM KIHOON MOON BYUNG CHUL moonbc80@ceduenglish.com CEDU breaks down language barriers and communicates with the world through its English content. With our resources, we hope you gain knowledge, reach your goals, and create your own vision.
39 CHAEKJITGI cafe.naver.com/chaekjitgi 811 AHN, Yeun-Hea Ahn, Yeunhea dollbookart@naver.com Chaekjitgi is a group of book artists who try various changes through using the books. Book art in Korean means building which contains meaning of elaborating with variety of materials. We dreams of communicating with you by making a book. Artists / Kwon Oh-In, Kim Jae-In, Ahn Yeun-Hea, Hong Woori.
40 Chambooks blog.naver.com/cham_books 619 OH, Sae-Hyoung Oh, Ja-Gyung jkglory@hanmail.net It's real for books, Chambooks! We have started publishing Korean Language books and now we extend to self-help, biographies,business,history,culture,and certification etc. Our vision is leading a brighter future with the people who read our books.
41 Changbi www.changbi.com 104 KANG, Il-Woo Kang, Seo-Young sykang@changbi.com Started publishing trade books in 1974, Changbi has covered various subjects across literature, humanities, social science, children books, YA books, and textbook, publishing 150 books annually. Changbi is considered to be one of the most trusted publishers by readers in Korea.
42 Charlie Book   936        
43 Chobang www.chobang.com 611 SHIN, Kyung-Sook CHUNG, So-Jung bang@chobang.com Publishing picturebooks.
44 Chung-A Publishing Co.   302 LEE, Sang-Yong Kim, Dong-Eun chungabook@naver.com  
45 Chungeoram junior   926        
46 chungrim Publishing Co., Ltd. www.chungrim.com 508 Koh, Byoung Wook, Koh, Young Soo MOON JUN KI mjk@chungrim.com Since the establishment in 1973, Chungrim Publishing has been publishing the quality books in a wide-range of fields such as business, self-help, humanities, literature, chriastianity, health, cooking with a cultural vision of 'Making Lives Prosperous and Abundant'.
47 CHUNJAE EDUCATION milkT www.chunjae.co.kr 406 Jung Young hwan, Han Jong Sul Park Bok-Kyung pbk@chunjae.co.kr Since its establishment in 1981, Chunjae Education has been committed to making learning easier. We promise to reward your trust in us with quality books and an advanced education system. Thank you.
48 Communicationbooks, Inc.   929        
49 Culture Day ‘Dokkaebi bookstore’   214        
50 Daegu publication & printing service http://www.kpipa.or.kr 203 LEE, Gi-seong LEE, Eunji eunji.lee@kpipa.or.kr  
51 Danielstone Publishing Co., Ltd   939        
52 DARAKWON www.darakwon.co.kr 505 Chung, Kyudo Lee Doo Hwan ldoh@darakwon.co.kr  
53 DELIGHTREE www.delightree.com 606 HONG, Jee-Min HONG JEEMIN delightree.jim@gmail.com  
54 Dept. of Graphic Arts. Shingu college arts.shingu.ac.kr/ 708 Oh, sung-sang Kim yongmin kym@shingu.ac.kr  
55 designbook www.designbook.co.kr 709 PARK, Byung-Gwan YULAH LEE master@designbook.co.kr Hongik Designbook was established in 1991 to support designers dream. Designbook's business area covers various range of design books. Our main businesses are importing, wholesaling the books of visual design and recently expanded to providing a space for designers.
56 DMP Books www.dmpbooks.co.kr 501 Kab Soo KIM Ju Yong Shim dmpbooks1@hanmail.net  
57 Dolbegae www.dolbegae.co.kr 215 Han Chul-hee Sim Chan-sik cssim@dolbegae.co.kr Established in 1979, Dolbegae Publishers has focused its interest on producing books that reflect Korean history and culture, philosophy and biography, ecology and nature, social science and fine art. For more information, please visit our website www.dolbegae.co.kr
58 Dongduk Women & University Typography Group T.A.L.K www.dongduk.ac.kr/ 820 KIMDAYOUNG Kim Dayoung chu01150@naver.com  
59 Dongnam Books www.dnbooks.com 712 PARK, Hee-Kyung Bae Jong Soo feima74@dnbooks.com  
60 DONGNAM-DESIGNBOOKS www.dnbooks.com 711 KIMSOOHYUN LEEHYUNHO 0177152644@hanmail.net  
61 DREAMSKY www.dreamsky33.com 804 LEE JOON CHUN LEE JOON CHUN skyjoon1000@hanmail.net This is the global vision of dream and hope shared with people in all over the world by containing the world in global village represented through traveling in the drawing.
62 EARLY PRINTING PR ROOM   307        
63 EasysEdue   941        
64 EasysPublishing Co., Ltd.   941        
65 Egopress www.facebook.com/baram4u 602 byunjayoung byunjayoung jayoungbyun23@gmail.com Egopress is a creative group of making some cultural items. We publish a magazine based on cultural towns, Honhdae, Yeonnam, Segumjung and so on. In this booth we'll introduce several kinds of paper items we made up to now. We hope that you cal feel a new air about Seoul and book
66 Espresso Book espressobook.com 421 Hwang Sang chel Shin Kwang su khie74@gmail.com EspressoBook is an digital publishing startup. Anyone who want to make his own book can make books by online. It’s easy and agile. EspressoBook generate high quality ebook file for distributing sales channels and also support POD service to make paperback. Aka Ones-Stop publishing service.
67 Eum Publishing House   908        
68 EunHaengNaMu ehbook.co.kr 101 Joo Yeon-sun Kim Hanmil mills@ehbook.co.kr "Ein Buch muß die Axt sein fur das gefrorene Meer in uns." - Franz Kafka We make efforts to spread amenities of literature to people with challenging projects and also share the humanities to enrich all our lives. We do make book which is able to gain people's affection through time.
69 FF Instagram/redfishflying 840 Hyun Ju Song HyunJU Song redfishflying@hanmail.net  
70 Finis Africae   924        
71 Flowers love blog.naver.com/keci001 830 kim heeyoun kim heeyoun keci01@hanmail.net  
72 Flyway www.flyway.co.kr 835 Kim, So-Young Kim Soyoung flyway1324@naver.com  
73 FMB wfx.kr 837 SHIN, Dong-Hyup SHIN DONGHYUP info@wfx.kr  
74 Ga-hyeon Foundation of Culture www.photomuseum.or.kr 700 SONG Youngsook Jeehyun KIM press@photomuseum.or.kr The publications by Ga-Hyeon Foundation of Culture has illuminated the highlights of photography ranging from the modern photographs to contemporary artists works. Divers catalogues and photographic books are devoted to convey the original works with the highest quality.
75 GAONYEGONG blog.naver.com/pinokiobaby 825 LEESORAN LEE SO RAN feel-ran@daum.net  
76 Geuldam Publishing.Co   921        
77 Geulhangari Publishing Co. www.facebook.com/geulhangari 931 Kang Seong Min JUNG, Hyun-Min angtoong@munhak.com  
78 Geulnurim Publishing Co.   902        
79 Gilbut Publishing co. LTD www.gilbut.co.kr 513 Lee Jong Won Jin Chang Sup pumba2@hanmail.net  
80 Gina www.instagram.com/mybabelfish/ 810 Gina Gina Kim gina79love@gmail.com  
81 GOOD International www.goodco.co.kr 403 GEUNWHALEE sung soo won ssw0687@goodco.co.kr Since its inception in 1995, GOOD International has managed and controlled the entire process of planning and distributing of sound recording albums and Musical concerts nationally and internationally.
82 Greenbee Publishing Company(xbooks)   944        
83 HAGGAI BOOKS, RIVER OF WISDOM haggaibooks.com 305 CHUNG, DUCKYOUNG CHUNG DUCKYOUNG 70sevens@fass.kr Haggai Books was established in 2003 in Korea (Republic of). The company publishes Christian books to reveal the hidden meaning of the Scriptures; hidden manna as in Rev. 2:17. And through which, the company invites the readers to believe in Jesus again correctly this time.
84 Hakgojae Publishing Co.   937        
85 HAKJISA www.hakjisa.co.kr 304 Jin-Hwan Kim Lim su-yeon pr@hakjisa.co.kr Since its foundation in 1992, Hakjisa Publisher is oriented for healing and exploring of human mind, and contributing to the development of learning by specialization of scientific books and pursuit to enhance quality of the contents.
86 Hanbit Publishing Network www.hanbit.co.kr/publisher/index.html?lang=e 407 KIM, Tae-Heon Kai Song marketing@hanbit.co.kr The reader is always at the center of our mind and building trust has always been our top priority. Hanbit Publishing Network is dedicated to help you enlarge experience and make more of your lives through delivering effective learning, valuable knowledge and information.
87 Happymaking http:www.happymaking.co.kr 706 Lee Yoonah Lee Yoonah ohappymaking@naver.com  
88 HOUNGSUNGSA hongsungsa.com 210 Chung, Ae-Joo LEE HANBYOUL onestar@hongsungsa.com  
89 hummingbird   946        
90 HYEONAMSA www.hyeonamsa.com 212 CHO, Mi-Hyun Lim hyuk hana@hyeonamsa.com Hyeonamsa is a publishing company with a long evergreen tradition that was founded by the late Hyeonam(pen name) Jo Sangwon in 1945.Our company has made it a priority to publish "books that are good, books that are absolutely necessary, books that maintain our tradition" with expert craftsmanship.
91 Hyundai Museum of Kid's Books&Art www.hmoka.org 843 Noe, Jeungmin CHENG, Dong-Ji ysub@daum.net Hyundai Museum of Kids&books and Art is the first book-themed childrens museum in South Korea. This place is created for children to understand them-selves. Also, it is designed to facilitate various, interesting ways to understand others and the meanings in stories as well.
92 Inewton Inc www.newtonkorea.co.kr 415 LEE KWANG HO KIM JOONG HO jhkim1997@hanmail.net  
93 INMUNWALK Publishing Co. blog.naver.com/inmunwalk 612 HEO, Kyong-hee HEO Kyong-hee inmunwalk@naver.com INMUNWALK has been published books about the superiority of Korean culture.
94 INSAHOE(The confederation of humanities book publishers)   917        
95 INTERPRO INDIGO www.interproindigo.com 702 KIM SANGHOI KIMSUNGHO inter.ksh@interproindigo.com  
96 iWING www.mflare.co.kr 404 KIM NAM UK KIM NAM UK uk0707@nate.com iwing streaming book It is the streaming contents platform for existing paper textbook with e-book The person using Audio-Book ties the picture book and audio with the streaming book new of the form giving a narration directly and create with the video file.
97 JANEY www.facebook.com/janey2008 821 park jin ok park jinok janey2006@naver.com  
98 JANGONE EDUCATION & PUBUSHING CO.LTD jangone.co.kr 510 MOON, GYU-SIK SHIN JONGJIN sjj66@jangone.co.kr  
99 Jangsolbook www.장솔출판사.kr 610 JONG RA LEE JAE HO BAK jangsolbook@hanmail.net  
100 JEI Corporation jeibook.com 107 PARK, Jong-Woo LEE, Jeong Yeon leejung88@jei.com With the motto “A Better Life through Better Education,“ JEI Corporation provides comprehensive services in educational publishing, broadcasting, and IT. In 2014, we reorganized our publishing business with the key words “life, value, happy children” and adopted the motto “Children following thei
101 jisungsa   923        
102 junginbook www.paperian.co.kr 901 Kwon Soon Man Kwon Soon Man jungin6101@korea.com PAPERIAN is a premium paper and stationery brand inspired by fine papers and exclusive materials. We are devoted to offering a unique selection of fine and artistic papers, stationeries and invitations, with distinctive design inspiration and concept.
103 Kikeundotori Publishing Co.   927        
104 kinderland   930        
105 Kkomzirak factory www.kkomzirak.com 818 Park, Sung Ae Park Sung Ae ssongae@naver.com We make hand made bookmarks, glasses cords and post cards.
106 Korea Academy Publishing Association www.kspas.or.kr/ 703 KIM, Jin-Hwan SONG, Jae-Kwang kapss@daum.net  
107 Korea Christian Publishers Association kcpa.or.kr 417 Han, Dong In Choi Seung Jin davidsj@naver.com KCPA was established in 1975. It's been representative organization of Evangelical Christian Publishers in Republic of Korea. There are about 145 Publishers are participating in the organization (currently in 2017). KCPA is to develop the Korean publication business through cooperation
108 Korea Creative Bookart Association www.한국창작북아트협회.org 705 Lee Yoonah Lee Yoonah lya1047@naver.com  
109 Korea Federation of Bookstore Association www.kfoba.or.kr 108 Park, Dea Chun Kang Mi Sun kfoba@kfoba.or.kr  
110 Korea Magazine Association www.magazine.or.kr 416 Jeong, Kwang-Young Lee Seung Il kmaamk@korea.com Under the official permission of the Korean government, the Korean Magazine Association (KMA) was founded at with the purpose of handing down traditional Korean culture, contributing to the magazine industry by creating a healthy magazine culture, and cultivating fraternity among its members.
111 Korea Publishers Cooperative www.koreabook.or.kr 509 GWON, Hyeok-Jae CHOI, Jeong-Won kpc-1799@daum.net KPC is publication marketing institution of public benefit objective, Supplying 2,200 publishing company books to whole country over 600 middles, big_bookstore including 750 member company for development of pblication culture industry.
112 Korea Science Technology Publishers Association www.kstpa.or.kr 109 YU,HAE_YOUNG park. kyoung hee kst538@hanmail.net  
113 KOREAURA BOOKS www.koreaura.net 414 PARK CHANG JAIE PARK CHANG JAIE ceo@epicsoft.co.kr 1. [The Hero] : Throught patriotism, self-sacrifice and spirit of world peace of heros in the history, we develop the nation strong and contribute to world peace. 2. [Rodong simmun] : For construction of the great Korea after unification of nation, show the different culture between South & North..
114 KYOBO BOOK Centre www.kyobobook.co.kr 303 Lee Han-woo lee eu hye lee-eu-hay@kyobobook.co.kr Kyobo Book Center - Kwanghwamun is the first major book store on 1st jongno in 1981. It is positioned to the comprehensive cultureal place by providing divers convenient equipments under the comfortable circumstance.
115 KYUNGMOONSA   912        
116 LagoDesign www.lago.co.kr 422 HA, Sung-Yong SONG SANG MIN sangmin@lago.co.kr Light up your world! Scratch to turn on the lights of the cities around the world. Choose a destination where you've been or would like to visit. Unforgettable travels, unchangeable reminiscences, and lights turned on at your fingertips! Create dazzling cities with a scratch pen.
117 LeeTaeJong NIE www.niefather.com/ 618 Lee, Tae-Jong lee yumi yumi1975@naver.com  
118 LeftRoad&hellogom www.leftroad.com 613 LeftRoad&hellogom park jeong woon leftwoon@naver.com art book made & leather made
119 LILIA ATELIER blog.naver.com/lilialee & delitime.co.kr 809 LEE EUN JOO LEE EUN JOO lilialee@naver.com ilustradora y autora de literatura infantil
120 LittleMoana, Co. www.littlemoana.co 841 Song, Hyun-Hee Song Hyun-Hee littlemoana@naver.com We’re a publisher in Korea which makes digital content or printed material for kids edutainment. LittleMoana©™ company has a big passion for a coloring book. For more information, check it out here. www.littlemoana.co
121 Lodae Books blog.naver.com/lodaebook 701 Jung Hye Joo Kim Jin Won lodaebook@naver.com  
122 luckyHands blog.naver.com/all4ucat 816 Lym Eunmee LymEunmee all4ucat@naver.com  
123 MAEKYUNG PUBLISHING mkbook.mk.co.kr/ 209 Jeon Ho-Rim KIM HYEWON nettix@naver.com  
124 Maribooks   914        
125 Maumsanchaek www.maumsan.com 306 JEONG, Eun-Suk KWON.HyoukJun marketer@maumsan.com  
126 Maumsanchaek www.maumsan.com 938 JEONG, Eun-Suk KWON.HyoukJun marketer@maumsan.com  
127 MID Publishing Co.   919        
128 Mindcarebooks mindcarekorea.com 603 Eugene Shin Eugene Shin eugene@iiomc.org  
129 minimum   903        
130 Miz bookbinding atelier blog.naver.com/ssooni05 822 LEE, Sang-Soon LEE, Sang-Soon ssooni05@hanmail.net  
131 Moonhak Soochup Little Book Co.   942        
132 Mulbyeonjari   922        
133 MUNHAKDONGNE Publishing Group www.munhak.com 201 Yeom, Hyeon-Sook JUNG, MIN-HO jmh1500@munhak.com  
134 munhaksilhumsil   911        
135 muno 00 www.cyworld.com/muno13 831 Nam sung-hak nam sung hak muno9n@nate.com  
136 NAMHAEBOMNAL   910        
137 nasimsabooks   907        
138 National Geographic magazine.ybmsisa.com/ 803 JANG, UN-SUN JUNG, jin-bok jjb@ybmsisa.co.kr Sisa T&E Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1989 to train talented human resources who can contribute to The globalization of Korea through the wide us of English.
139 National Institute of Ecology www.nie.re.kr 219 Lee, Hee-chul Jeon Sewook CR7@nie.re.kr  
140 objetogam www.objetogam.com 836 GOH HOON A GOH HOON A objetogam@naver.com A Lifestyle Jewelry Brand by Craft Artist Exploring Enjoyable and Convenient Everyday Life
141 ongodangbookstore www.ongodangbook.co.kr 518 jung, joo-hee oh song jun june6262@hanmail.net  
142 OPENBOOKS www.openbooks.co.kr/ 202 Hong, Ji-Woong CHOI, youn uk cyu077@openbooks.co.kr The Open Books is a Korean publishing company founded by Ji-Woong Hong in 1986. It has been publishing mainly foreign literature (fiction, nonfiction, art books, etc.) in translation since then, at the forefront of literary translation in Korea. It currently publishes about 60 to 70 titles a year.
143 PAODI paodi.com 800 Hong Hee seung Yang. Jae youl paodi@paodi.com  
144 Pap Art papart.co.kr 813 KANG, Myong-Ok KANG, Myong-Ok mpp63@naver.com  
145 PAPERIAN www.paperian.co.kr 408 Kwon Soon Man Kwon Soon Man jungin6101@korea.com PAPERIAN is a premium paper and stationery brand inspired by fine papers and exclusive materials. We are devoted to offering a unique selection of fine and artistic papers, stationeries and invitations, with distinctive design inspiration and concept.
146 PAPERPACK www.yourpaperpack.net 419 Jiwon Lee LEE JI WON paperpackpaperpack@gmail.com  
147 peachmarket   925        
148 PLATOBI platobi.com 402 kimheeseon KIMHEESEON plto3420@hanmail.net Platobi is a company that develops text integration, world cultural geography, and Korean essay writing materials. In addition, 18 new Korean board games and 10 textbooks were developed as a new educational method to enhance educational effectiveness. Platobi is growing to new challenges.
149 plotcity www.plotcity.co.kr 801 LEE, Su-Yeon LEE, Su-Yeon suy@plotcity.co.kr Plotcity is an independent publishing group that aims to expand the artistry of books through various creative efforts. We are an artistic collective made up of not just illustrators and graphic designs, but also video artists, singer songwriters, book art designers, and calligraphy artists.
150 PRN Korea   947        
151 Publishing House Sodong www.sodongbook.com 615 Kim Nam Ki Kim Nam Ki sodongbook@naver.com  
152 Risu / Reading Cat www.risu.co.kr 600 Kim Hyun Jung Kim Hyun Jung risubook@hanmail.net  
153 Safaribook www.safaribook.co.kr 502 Yoo, Sung-Kwon Shim Yun-Hee saetax@epublic.co.kr  
154 sagaksagak www.puaworld.com 807 Lee Kyoung-Soo lee kyoung-soo blogkid@naver.com  
155 Sahoi Pyoungnon Publishing Co., Inc www.sapyoung.com 405 Yoon, Chul-Ho Nam Gung Kyung Min kyungmin@sapyoung.com SahoiPyoungnon founded in 1991 publishes in various field as ELT book, college textbooks, children‘s book, publication of humanities and liberal arts. As a publisher who does not forget the past, but does not stay in past, we will make a book that responds to our zeitgeist and social necessity.
156 SAKYEJUL PUBLISHING LTD. www.sakyejul.net 409 KANG, Marxil YANG HYUN BUM skjbook@naver.com Sakyejul’s enduring commitment as a publisher with expertise in its fields of publication is to create long-term partnerships with our readers that may enhance learning, disseminate knowledge, and improve the quality of life.
157 SangSang Coaching www.sscoaching.co.kr 410 KIM, Young-chul PARK, In-kyoung ikpark@educo.co.kr  
158 Sangsang UP sangsangup.co.kr 614 Lee, Do-Won Lee, Do-won dowon@sangsangup.co.kr  
159 Sangsangschool Publishing Co   913        
160 sanzini   900        
161 Saramin   920        
162 Save the Children scjbchild.sc.or.kr/ 805 KIM, Mi-sook HYUN, Chang-hun changhun.hyun@sc.or.kr  
163 schoollibraryjournal, bookbybook   943        
164 Seoil University Media & Publishing Dept. www.seoil.ac.kr 204 HAN, Julie An-Eun-Ji 20160080@seoil.ac.kr  
165 Seoul Metropolitan Library lib.seoul.go.kr 704 Lee, Jung-Soo Moon Ji-Sun jsms0113@seoul.go.kr Seoul, a city that reads. Books strengthen the citizens of Seoul. The information hub of the libraries in Seoul. Seoul Metropolotan Library.
166 Seoul Selection   906        
167 shingu college of media contents contenrs.shingu.ac.kr/main 707 SUNG,Joo-Yum Oh,juhyeon qwe063@shingu.ac.kr We have advanced educational facilities that excel in the field of education, as the core department of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. Based on this, we are actively engaged in intensive training.
168 ShinYoung Books blog.naver.com/sinyoungsa4 213 WANG, Tae-Cho Cha bok rye sinyoungsa4@naver.com  
169 shrinkles www.shrinkles.co.kr 802 Kim Pil Sung Nam Su Jin nam5007117@nate.com  
170 sigongeducation www.home-learn.co.kr/ 400 PARK, Ki-Seok Lee hawng hui l73018619@sigongeducation.co.kr  
171 Sinning Wheel of Time www.mulretime.com 211 KWON, Hoo-Soon Kwon, Hoo-Soon timeofr@naver.com Publisher wheel of time is where a comprehensive publication. In particular, the issue primarily related books bibliotherapy, and to write various essays and poetry, the power to character education through the humanities and social sciences, communication books.
172 smallillust & kalsong & chocosil www.burin.co.kr 814 PARK, You-Jung LEE, Young-Eun 4735980@naver.com  
173 SMLD www.smldesign.co.kr 842 Tae hyun, Kwon Seyoung, Lee lisse@smldesign.co.kr  
174 Solidarity of Korea Local Publication and Culture Magazine www.facebook.com/groups/localbook 506 Hwang PoongNyeon Jo JiYoung youngjijo@hanmail.net Established in 2013, this is a network of Korean local book and magazine publishers under a theme of local culture. It organized cultural events such as photo exhibition "Countrified". It also organized "2017 Jeju Korean Local Book Fair" in May with its 40 member publishers.
175 Somy Media, Inc. www.somymedia.kr 507 Yoo Jaeok Jihye Park yoojo24@hotmail.com Somy Media is a publisher with a company philosophy to make the touching moments as products. Under the philosophy, Somy Media has strengths in light novels,comics,mistery novels,and fantasy novels in prints and digital formats. You can enjoy the heart-warming contents by Somy Media.
176 Somy Media,Inc. www.surk2017.cafe24.com/ 945 CHO, Chin-Surk Kim Bo Ra kimbbora1004@naver.com Publishing son and daughter Co. Ltd. publishes and sells various functional books by domestic technologies and capital for providing children with more improved contents. We are launching ‘Son & daughter book-club’ through digitizing analog contents recently.
177 Son&Daughter www.surk2017.cafe24.com/ 103 CHO, Chin-Surk Kim Bo Ra kimbbora1004@naver.com Publishing son and daughter Co. Ltd. publishes and sells various functional books by domestic technologies and capital for providing children with more improved contents. We are launching ‘Son & daughter book-club’ through digitizing analog contents recently.
178 song-in books ltd.   216        
179 sosodolbang blog.naver.com/sosodolbang 833 Kang , Shin-Seong Kang shin seong sosodolbang@naver.com  
180 SowonNamu Publishing cafe.naver.com/swnamu 617 YI MISOON YI MISOON swnamu@daum.net  
181 Ssul's leathercraft www.ssul.me 823 Kim, Su-Jeong Sujeong Kim sujung1022@gmail.com  
182 stella16/studio soonnok www.facebook.com/handmadetogether16 817 KIM, Ye Young Yoon Sung Ja craftedreams@naver.com  
183 STORY TO BOOK   200        
184 sumai   601 HEEONSUNG HA HEONSUNG HA sumai69@naver.com  
185 SWAMI www.suarm.com 605 OK, You-Mi OK, You-Mi suarm56@hanmail.net  
186 Talk To Me In Korean longtailbooks.co.kr/ 517 LEE, Su-Young JEONG, Kyung-Hun deuxguy@longtailbooks.co.kr Longtail Books is producing Korean language textbooks in collaboration with Talk To Me In Korean, the most popular Korean educational website. This website is beloved by learners from all over the world for providing a fun and fresh way to learn Korean through daily listening and speaking materials.
187 The National Library of Korea www.nl.go.kr 519 Park, Joo Hwan Cho Saeng Dan dan@korea.kr  
188 The Hanji Art www.instagram.com/yeonwoo.son 829 Son Yeon Woo YeonWoo Son yeonwoo.art@gmail.com  
189 thinksmart   918        
190 Thoughts of a Tree Publishing Co.   935        
191 TiTiya blog.naver.com/i_titiya 832 jeong sook. Choi Choi jeong sook i_titiya@naver.com  
192 TongbangBooks www.tongbangbooks.com 516 hahm seung soo kim seungyoen tongbssh@hanmail.net  
193 TOTOBOOK   940        
194 Truebook Sinsago Co., Ltd. www.sinsago.co.kr 102 Hong, Bum-Jun Moon Songhyun shmoon@sinsago.co.kr  
195 Urantia Foundation www.urantia.org 503 Eun Kwan Choi Eun Kwan Choi kchoi@iastate.edu  
196 URANTIA KOREA (URKA) www.newlifebook.kr 608 Sy Chang juno ryu sysop@newlifebook.kr We publish the truth book of human race, The Urantia Book Korea version, for those who are embarking on a new voyage to awaken a new era and for the days of Light and Life.
197 Visang Education Inc. www.visang.com 105 YANG Tae Hoe PARK JoongSeon parkjs5@visang.com  
198 VOSTOK PRESS   934        
199 WENDY HOUSE CO., LTD. www.instagram.com/wendyhouse809/ 815 YOON Cho-Yeon Wendy Yoon wendyhouse809@naver.com Wendy House Inc. specializes in a full range of services from character design and development to production, licensing and sales. Currently, we are focusing on animation character production and licensing, while we are expanding our business to toys, story books, baby products, stationery items.
200 Wimstory Inc. www.wimstory.com 411 JISUNG KIM JongMan Lim wimstory@naver.com Wimstory Inc. made a world map as a character storytelling. The map is a universal language and is an infinite imagination tool for children. As Korea is expressed by tigers, Italy is expressed by boots. We want to make maps easy to learn around the world with Map Friend products.
201 Wonju, City of Literature www.wonju.co.kr 218 Weon Chang Mug Kim Do Hyung elaleph@korea.kr Wonju, the City of Literature. Full of enriched literary assets from the long history of the city. The literature is working as the major creative driving force of sustainable development.
202 Woorinabi Publishing Co. www.facebook.com/Woorinabi/ 620 Han sowon Han sowon joerosa@hanmail.net Woorinabi Publishing Company focuses on publishing books in the genre of the humanities, litterature, graphic novels and childrens Books. Woorinabi opened its doors for people to find affirmation of life to pursue true knowledge and wisdom, and to rediscover and nurture their power for insight.
203 YeaRimDang www.yearim.co.kr 110 na,sung-hun KIM YU LEE kur14@yearim.co.kr  
204 yellowpig   916        
205 Yeowon Media www.tantani.com 500 KIM, Dong Hwi Nam, Donghun glennam@tantani.com Yeowon Media is a publisher of world-wide illustrated children’s books in a variety of themes. We believe that children can journey into our picture books and take that experience into their daily lives. Our goal is to provide a strong foundation for life by nurturing creativity and passion.
206 Yeoyoudang   904        
207 Young Joo Noh www.facebook.com/youngjoo.noh.fynn 844 Noh, Young - Joo Young Joo Noh fynnnoh@hanmail.net This is an illustrator bookArtist Noh, Young-Joo who speaks and travels with Illustration. Yolo Holo Tokyo is an illustrators visual essay that left alone to find the happiness of today. In the Seoul International Book Fair, the colored Pencil lllustration of Tokyo is displayed in pop-up style.
208 younglim cardinal / aladinbook ylc21.co.kr 512 Yang, Seung-yoon Hwang, Jae-tack ylc831@hanmail.net  
209 Yourself Stationery “SeWooSe”   838        
210 Yulgok Publishing Company www.yulgokbooks.co.kr 515 Park, Ki-Nam Park Jeong-heon 9yulgok@hanmail.net Our publishing house is a 28 year old publishing company. We publish specialized books on social science (economics, business administration, accounting, law, etc.) and technical science (general science), and also handle cultural ones for the general public.
211 zangsoo www.zangsoo.com 607 Bark Ui Sik Bark Ui Sik zangsoo43@hanmail.net  
1 Australia Text Publishing Children, Literature/Fiction, Teen/Young Adult www.textpublishing.com.au A13 Swann House, 22 William Street, Melbourne 3000, Australia +61 3 8610 4536 Mr. Michael Heyward Ms. Khadija Caffoor

Text Publishing is an independent, Melbourne-based publisher of literary fiction and non-fiction.

Khadija.caffoor@textpublishing.com.au Publisher Rights Coordinator
2 Canada Embassy of Canada Children, Comics/Graphic Novels, Education/Parenting/Teaching, Literature/Fiction, Philosophy/Religion, Politics/Social Sciences, Reference/Textbooks, Teen/Young Adult www.canadainternational.gc.ca/korea-coree/ C11 21, Jeongdong-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul 04518, Republic of Korea +82 2 3783 6051 Mr. Eric Walsh Ms. Hye-Shin Kang

The Canadian Embassy is committed to promoting Canadian publication in Korea in order to expand the cultural interchange between Korea and Canada through various Canadian books, to increase exchanges between publishing professionals of two countries and to provide an easy access to qualified Canadian titles. The Canadian Embassy used to hold the in-house book fair over the years which was designed to promote Canadian titles and to encourage the purchase of rights to Korean copyright managers and agencies. We also issue a publishing newsletter containing up-to-date information on the Canadian publishing industry twice a year. Our participation this year as “Spotlight Country” is to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation. There will be various programs to show the different aspects of Canada that has outstanding natural beauty as well as cultural diversity.

hye-shin.kang@international.gc.ca Diplomatic Office Trade Commissioner
3 China Liaoning Science & Technology Publishing House Ltd. Arts/Photography, Children, Crafts/Hobbies/Home, STM www.lnkj.com.cn A1 No. 25, Shiyi Wei Road, Shenyang 110003, China +86 24 2328 4367 Mr. Chunzhi Song Ms. Haiyu Piao

With more than 30-year development, Liaoning Science and Technology Publishing House Ltd (LST) publishes medicine, architecture and interior design, art design and analysis, landscape, science technology, lifestyle and children's book. LST has successful cooperation with more than 100 publishing companies from USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Korea..

hannah1004@sina.cn Publisher Commsissioning Editor
4 France Casterman Children, Teen/Young Adult www.casterman.com D21 Cantersteen, 47, Boîte 4, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium +32 2 209 83 00   Jérôme Baron

Established in 1780, Casterman started a comics list as early as 1930. Since the publication of the first Tintin, which is still the pride of its prestigious catalogue, Casterman has remained faithful to its initial approach: to make quality books available to everyone. Casterman is the publisher of major authors such as Hugo Pratt, Tardi, Bilal or Peeters and Schuiten. As well as comic books, Casterman publishes a wide range of children's books, from board books and animated books for the very young readers to picture books, activity books, documentary titles and fiction for the older readers, with famous authors and illustrators such as Emile Jadoul, Anne Herbauts, François Place or David Sala. Among the most famous characters, there is of course Martine, the little girl who has delighted children worldwide over the last 60 years, as well as Emilie who celebrated in 2015 her 40th birthday, not forgetting the timeless characters of Ernest and Celestine by Gabrielle Vincent.

jbaron@casterman.com Publisher  
5 France Dargaud Children, Comics/Graphic Novels www.dargaud.com D21 15-27, rue Moussorgski, 75018 Paris, France +33 1 53 26 32 32   Sophie Castille

Mediatoon was created by the Média-Participations group, the European leader in French-language comics and manga and one of the major producers of animated cartoons in Europe. Mediatoon oversees the group’s rights management in comic book publishing and audiovisual productions. The Mediatoon Foreign Rights department is responsible for selling licenses to international publishers, magazines, and newspapers. MFR handles the foreign rights for the comic books published by the five imprints within the group, namely Dargaud, Dupuis, Le Lombard, Lucky Comics and Kana, as well as for illustrated children books released by the new imprint Little Urban.

sophie.castille@mediatoon.com Publisher  
6 France Delcourt Comics/Graphic Novels www.editions-delcourt.fr D21 8, rue Léon Jouhaux, 75010 Paris, France +33 1 56 03 92 20   Tiphaine Le Roux

Ranked as the first most important French publisher of comics, Delcourt seeks to embrace the full spectrum of creativity within the comic genre. Our authors hail from all over the world, our list caters to all ages, covering the entire gamut of styles from the most demanding to the most popular, and all sub-genres, fiction and non-fiction. Among our successes: the "Sillage" and "De Cape et de Crocs" series, authors such as François Bourgeon, Zep, Marc-Antoine Mathieu and Guy Delisle, graphic novels like Mauvais genre by Chloé Cruchaudet, Come Prima by Alfred, Ma Révérence by Lupano and Rodguen and La Tectonique des plaques by Margaux Motin.

tleroux@groupedelcourt.com Publisher  
7 France Didier Jeunesse Children, Literature/Fiction www.didier-jeunesse.com D21 60-62, rue Saint-André des Arts, 75006 Paris, France +33 1 49 54 48 30   Corinne Brivot

Didier Jeunesse delights in the genre of oral literature - fairy tales, lullabies, songs - and aims to create opportunities that bring together generations in the spirit of the imagination. Didier Jeunesse has gone a long way since the publication of the first book of the series "Petits lascars" in 1988. The catalogue boasts now more than 350 titles. The series "Les petits cousins", "Pirouette", "à petits petons", "Guinguette", "Rikiki" or cd-books are well-known both by the general audience and by professionals. Éric Battut, Martine Bourre, Élodie Nouhen, Cécile Hudrisier and many others use painting, carving, collages, scrap paper to illustrate children’s books and offer innovative designs.

cbrivot@hachette-livre-intl.com Publisher  
8 France Dupuis Children, Comics/Graphic Novels www.dupuis.com D21 Rue Destrée, 52, 6001 Marcinelle, Belgium +33 71 60 50 00   Sophie Castille

Media-Participations, the European leader in French-language comics and manga and one of the major producers of animated cartoons in Europe, created Mediatoon, whose vocation is to oversee rights management in comic publishing and the group’s audiovisual production. The Mediatoon Foreign Rights department is responsible for selling licenses to international publishers, magazines and newspapers, and to the comic book publishers within the group: Dargaud, Dupuis, Lombard, Lucky Comics and Kana as well as a few independent publishers such as Les deux royaumes.

sophie.castille@mediatoon.com Publisher  
9 France Embassy of France in Korea Arts/Photography, Children, Comics/Graphic Novels, History, Languages, Literature/Fiction, Politics/Social Sciences, Reference/Textbooks, Teen/Young Adult www.ambafrance.kr.org D21 13F, Woori Bldg, 42, Chilpae-ro, Jung-gu, Séoul 04512 +82 2 317 8521 Mr. Anthony CHAUMUZEAU Ms. Danièle Rauscher

For the last 140 years, the BIEF (Bureau International de l’Edition Française) has been promoting French publishers internationally. This organization of and for industry professionals has 260 publishing company members and is funded in part by the CNL (Centre national du livre). For more information concerning the French publishing houses, www.bief.org.

The Culture, Education and Science Department of the French Embassy in Korea, which also runs the French Institute and the Campus France Office, aims at promoting French culture, education and science to the Korean audience. For more information, please visit http://www.ambafrance-kr.org.

livre@institutfrancais-seoul.com Government Body Cultural Officer
10 France Fleurus Children, Crafts/Hobbies/Home, Philosophy/Religion www.fleuruseditions.com D21 15-27, rue Moussorgski, 75895 Paris, Cedex 18, France +33 1 53 26 33 35   Marion Girona

Leader in illustrated books, Fleurus Éditions publishes albums, activity books, non-fiction and fiction series for children and teenagers, as well as religious books. Fleurus has also developed a successful adult catalogue with books on crafts & hobbies, cooking, home improvement, games, gardening, pets, parenting, theology… More than 1.000 titles are now available in ebook format. Fleurus Éditions and Fleurus Mame group the imprints Fleurus, Mango, Rustica, and Mame.

m.girona@fleuruseditions.com Publisher  
11 France Gallimard Jeunesse Children, Teen/Young Adult www.gallimard-jeunesse.fr D21 5, rue Gaston Gallimard, 75328 Paris, Cedex 07, France +33 1 49 54 42 00   Anne Bouteloup

The first illustrated books by Gallimard Jeunesse were published in 1972, marking the beginning of a long-term collaboration with the greatest illustrators of those years. The first paperbacks appeared in 1977, just as Gallimard’s encyclopedia and non-fiction series came to define the company in the 1980s. In 40 years, Gallimard Jeunesse has cornered the market of French children’s books, thanks to Gallimard’s contributions, the talent of its new writers and illustrators, its innovative graphic and editorial teams and the development of international co-editions.

anne.bouteloup@gallimard-jeunesse.fr Publisher  
12 France Glénat Children, Comics/Graphic Novels www.glenat.com D21 39, rue du Gouverneur Général Félix Éboué, 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux, France +33 1 41 46 11 11   Étienne Bonnin

Created in 1969, Glénat Publishing is the major independent publisher on the French Market today. His production covers three main areas: Comics, Graphic Novels and Manga with the imprints Glénat, Vents d’Ouest and Glénat Manga: a catalogue with over 8.000 titles of all kinds; Children’s picture books with the imprint Glénat Jeunesse and P’tit Glénat (Fiction and Non-Fiction); Coffee table books about the Sea, Mountains and Gastronomy. With nearly 50 years of passion and over 600 new books released every year, the Glénat Publishing Group is an essential player in the French market.

etienne.bonnin@glenat.com Publisher  
13 France Hatier Children, Dictionary/Encyclopedia www.editions-hatier.fr D21 8, rue d’Assas, 75278 Paris Cedex 06, France +33 1 49 54 49 54   Corinne Brivot

Hatier was established in 1880 by Alexandre Hatier. The first "Bescherelle" was brought out in 1900. Its schoolbooks positioned Hatier among the three big names of traditional publishing. From the 1970s onwards, Hatier took the lead in extra-curricular materials, a lead it retains to this day. The series "Bescherelle" or "Profil" are still key references in their respective fields. Today, Hatier is one of the three biggest French publishers in the educational market.

cbrivot@hachette-livre-intl.com Publisher  
14 France Jean-Claude Lattès Literature/Fiction, Politics/Social Sciences www.editions-jclattes.fr D21 17, rue Jacob, 75006 Paris, France +33 1 44 41 74 00   Philippe Dorey

Created in 1968, Éditions J.C. Lattès joined the Hachette Group in 1981. We publish novels (Amin Maalouf, Delphine de Vigan, Serge Bramly, Grégoire Delacourt), documentaries (Pr. Muhammed Yunus, Pr. Luc Montagnier, Isabelle Filliozat), biographies (Steve Jobs) and foreign literature (Almudena Grandes, Lars Christensen, Dan Brown, Kate Mosse, Stephenie Meyer, James Patterson, E.L. James)

pdorey@jclattes.fr Publisher  
15 France Nathan Children, Education/Parenting/Teaching, Teen/ Young Adult www.nathan.fr D21 25, av. Pierre de Coubertin, 75211 Paris Cedex 13, France +33 1 45 87 53 10   Éric Dior

Publisher Nathan is deeply invested in education. Our company is renowned for the quality and the reliability of our expertise in the field of education. Nathan is one of France’s most well-known names in publishing because of one of its core strengths: we create the desire to learn. Our goal is to encourage intellectual development and to provide intelligent entertainment. Nathan’s multi-faceted range includes games, textbooks and teaching resources, children’s books and Family guides. The editors constantly combine different types of know-how, ensuring that education, culture and enjoyment go hand-in-hand. That’s why Nathan is the leading publisher in numerous markets.

edior@nathan.fr Publisher  
16 Germany Goethe-Institut Korea Others www.goethe.de/korea C29 132 Sowol-ro, Yongsan-gu Seoul 04328, Republic of Korea +82 2 2021 2808 Ms. Marla Stukenberg Ms. Marilen Daum

The Goethe-Institut is the cultural institute of Germany with global reach. It encourages cultural collaboration, promotes discourse across the globe and runs language courses. Through its translation grant programme it aims to make important academic writing, high-quality fiction, and literature for children and young adults available to a non-German speaking readership.

marilen.daum@goethe.de Overseas Office Head of Information Services Ostasia
17 Hong Kong World of Books Children, Cooking/Health/Fitness, Crafts/Hobbies/Home, Education/Parenting/Teaching, Literature/Fiction, Reference/Textbooks, Teen/Young Adult www.usedwholesalebooks.co.uk B19 506 Topsail Plaza, 11 on sum street, Shatin, Hongkong +852 2692 7555 Mr. Sam Perry Ms. Eunice Cheung

Largest U.K. Seller of all types of used English books selling over 25,000 books per day to over 80 countries.

sec@febointl.com Distributor  
18 Israel Embassy of Israel Children, Comics/Graphic Novels, Literature/Fiction embassies.gov.il/seoul C21 18F, Chenggye Bldg11, 11, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul 03187, Republic of Korea +82 2 3210 8504 Mr. Chaim Choshen Ms. Jiryoung Han   culture@seoul.mfa.gov.il Government Body Cultural Officer
19 Italy Franco Cosimo Panini Editore Spa Arts/Photography, Children www.fcp.it A22-1 Via Giardini 474/D, Modena 41124, Italy +39 59 291 73 11 Ms. Laura Panini Ms. Giorgia De Osti

Italian publishing house with more than 25 years of experience in the field. Our various catalogue includes children’s books for readers 0-8 (board books, non-fiction, picture books, fiction, art books, special projects), a worldwide license for the car brand Ferrari to develop a publishing programme of children’s books, art books for adults, reproductions of Renaissance manuscripts and a section of licensed stationery and back to school products.

giorgia.deosti@fcp.it Publisher Sales Executive
20 Italy Italian Cultural Institute Comics/Graphic Novels www.iicseoul.esteri.it D11 3Fl., Ilshin Bldg., 98 Hannamdaero, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea +82 2 796 0634 Mr. Angelo Gioè 박우숙

The Italian Cultural Institute in Seoul is the official Italian government agency for the promotion of cultural exchanges between Korea and Italy.

iicseoul@esteri.it Government Body  
21 Japan BUNGEISHUNJU Ltd. Literature/Fiction, Politics/Social Sciences www.bunshun.co.jp A27 3-23 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8008, Japan +81 3 3265 1211 Mr. Kiyondo Matsui       Publisher  
22 Japan Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd Comics/Graphic Novels, Education/Parenting/Teaching, Literature/Fiction www.dnp.co.jp/eng/ A25 1-1-1 Ichigaya-Kagacho, Shinjuku 162-8001, Japan +81 3 5210 2306 Mr. Yoshitoshi Kitajima Mr. Jun Suzuki

DNP is one of the world’s largest comprehensive printing companies. Mobilebook.jp INC (MBJ), the subsidiary of DNP works as a literary agency of ebooks. We introduce Japanese literal works and comics to the Korean market. We are also looking for works that can be published in the Japanese market.

  literary Agency, Printer Manager
23 Japan IRH Press Co., Ltd. Business/Money, Education/Parenting/Teaching, Philosophy/Religion, Politics/Social Sciences, Self-Help, Teen/Young Adult www.irhpress.co.jp A18 2-10-14 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan +81 3 5573 7704 Mr. Sato Naofumi Ms. Asumi Kubo

IRH Press publishes books as well as periodical magazines. We have also produced nine feature-length films since 1994 with nationwide distribution and have been involved in producing television and radio programs on a regular basis.

a.kubo@irhpress.co.jp; Publisher Sales & Marketing Manager in Asia
24 Japan Iwasaki Publishing Co., Ltd. Children www.iwasakishoten.co.jp A23 1-9-2, Suido, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0005, Japan +81 3 3812 9133 Mr. Hiroaki Iwasaki Ms. Keiko Kanaoka

Iwasaki Publishing was initially established in 1934 by Tetsuta Iwasaki to publish books and writing related to the social sciences. We have been publishing approximately 160 new titles annually in a multitude of youth genres including: toddler, picture books, fantasy/adventure, young adult, and science books for the retail market as well as school and public library market.

kanaoka@iwasakishoten.co.jp Publisher International Rights (Selling)
25 Japan KANKI Publishing Inc. Business/Money, Languages, Politics/Social Sciences, Self-Help kanki-pub.co.jp A31   +81 3 3262 6015 Mr. Tatsuo Saito       Publisher  
26 Japan Kobunsha Co., Ltd Comics/Graphic Novels, Literature/Fiction www.kobunsha.com A37 1-16-6, Otowa, Bunlyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8011, Japan +81 3 5395 8178 Mr. Nobuhiko Tange Ms. Sachiko Kambara

Since its launch in 1945, Kobunsha has established itself as a leading firm of publishers, especially in mystery novels and magazines for women, in Japan. We are very proud to be a publisher of many famous novelists such as Keigo Higashino, Jiro Akagawa, Shion Miura and Tetsuya Honda.

kambara@kobunsha.com Publisher  
27 Japan NHK Publishing, Inc. Education/Parenting/Teaching, Languages www.nhk-book.co.jp A33   +81 3 3464 7311 Mr. Kouji Koizumi       Publisher  
28 Japan POPLAR Publishing Co., Ltd. Children   A26 22-1, Daikyo-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8565, Japan   Mr. Hitoshi Hasegawa Ms. Junko Saegusa

Poplar Publishing Co., Ltd. Was established in 1947. It is one of the largest publishing companies of books for children and young readers, with more than 3,000 titles which include almost all kinds of children’s books, such as picture books, pop-up books, toy books, story books, science books, non-fiction books, books for young adults etc. Over more than 60 years, it had been coming up with many best seller and long seller titles for children. Recently, it also began to publish books for adult readers, and getting new reader’s attention. Many of those titles are translated and published in China, Korea, Thailand, Singapore and other Asian countries.

saegusa@poplar.co.jp Publisher Manager
29 Japan SHUFU TO SEIKATSU SHA Cooking/Health/Fitness, Travel www.shufu.co.jp A29 3-5-7 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8357, Japan +81 3 3563 5120         Publisher  
30 Japan The Japan Foundation / Publishers’ Association for Cultural Exchange   www.pace.or.jp B29 1-2-1 Sarugaku-cho, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 101-0064, Japan +81 3 3291 5685 Mr. Kazuyoshi Takeuchi Mr. Tanio Yokote

The Japan Foundation was established in 1972 by the Japanese government with an aim to foster international cooperation and understanding through cultural exchange. The foundation continues to pursue this goal today, with special emphasis placed on the following areas:
-Arts and cultural exchange;
-Japanese-language education; and
-Japanese studies and intellectual exchange.

Publishers Association for Cultural Exchange(PACE)
Founded in 1953, the Publishers Association for Cultural Exchange(PACE) is a non-profit organization whose members are drawn from representative publishing houses and related industries in Japan.

yokote@pace.or.jp Association Managing Director
31 Japan TOHAN Corporation     A35 6-24 Higashi Goken-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-8710, Japan +81 3 3266 9593 Mr. Takehiko Fujii Mr. Akira Uchida

As leading company of the publishing distributors, which connects the bookstores and publishers all over Japan, Tohan Corporation had supported the preservation and development of the publishing industry in Japan since its foundation in 1949.
About Business Oversea:
-Exporting Japanese books, magazines, comics, and figures to overseas bookstores, distributors, and overseas branch of Japanese bookstores.
-Negotiating with the Japanese publishers for the overseas publishers to secure the translation and publication rights of Japanese published items.
-Selling foreign books to bookstores in Japan by marketing planning, promoting, and analyzing the market of foreign books

aki01-uchida@tohan.co.jp Distributor Manager
32 Korea Korea Foundation Arts/Photography, Literature/Fiction, Politics/Social Sciences www.kf.or.kr C19 10F, Diplomatic Center Building, 2558 Nambusunhwanno, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea +82 2 2046 8570 Mr. Sihyung Lee Ms. Hee-Jeong Kim

The mission of The Korea Foundation is to promote better understanding of Korea within the International community and to increase friendship and goodwill between Korea and the rest of the world through various exchange programs.

hjkim@kf.or.kr Government Body  
33 Korea Literature Translation Institute of Korea Literature/Fiction www.ltikorea.or.kr D31 32, Yeongdong-daero 112-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea +82 2 6919 7753 Mr. Seong-kon Kim Ms. Hye-young Kim

LTI Korea runs a wide range of programs to help Korean literature reach more readers across the globe. We provide grants to translators and publishers, support literature-related international exchange and training programs for literary translators.

youngkim@klti.or.kr Library, Government Body Librarian
34 Korea UPA Magazine www.upa.co.kr D41 44, Daehak-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea +82 2 708 2572 Ms. Su-Yeon Shin Mr. Byung Wook So

UPA licensed by the government in 1958 is Korea’s first professional importer and distributor of foreign publications. UPA distributes and promotes worldwide popular high demand magazines

sbw@upa.co.kr Agency Sales Manager
35 Malaysia Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Business/Money, Children, Computers/Technology, Dictionary/Encyclopedia, Education/Parenting/Teaching, History, Languages, Law, Literature/Fiction, Philosophy/Religion, Politics/Social Sciences, Reference/Textbooks, Teen/Young Adult www.dbp.gov.my A22-3 Menara DBP, Jalan Dewan Bahasa, Kuala Lumpur 20460, Malaysia +60 3 2147 9434 Mr. Abdul Adzis Abas Ms. Zaiton Abu Samah

Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka(DBP) is the nation's language and literary planning and development agency. DBP began to undertake the formidable task of developing the Malay language as the official language of Malaysia. DBP is responsible for publishing books, magazines and others in Malay language as well as English and other relevant foreign languages since 1956. DBP is responsible for publishing text book for Malaysia primary and secondary school, and recently has ventured into electronic publication. Todate has produce not less than 8,000 titles.

zaiton@dbp.gov.my Publisher, Government Body Head of Division
36 Malaysia Perbadanan Kota Buku Business/Money, Children, Computers/Technology, Cooking/Health/Fitness, Education/Parenting/Teaching, History, Languages, Philosophy/Religion, Politics/Social Sciences, Teen/Young Adult   A22-4 24th Floor, Menara Maju, 1001, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia +60 3 2630 6882 Sayed Munawar Sayed Mohd Mustar Hasri Hasan

Perbadanan Kota Buku is a first class professional body offering a hub for publishers, authors, illustrators and readers within Malaysia with established links similar bodies internationally. Our aim is to become an ideal agency for the nation’s book industry for development, by covering following aspects: capacity building, content trade, technology enabler & book related activities.

Hasri.hasan@kotabuku.my Government Linked Company Senior Manager
37 Malaysia Shake Book Projects Sdn Bhd Children, Cooking/Health/Fitness, Education/Parenting/Teaching, Teen/Young Adult, Travel www.bookprojects.com.my A17 C-01-07 Kelana Mahkota, SS7/19, Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia +60 12 652 0002 Ms. Sheikh Faisal Sheikh Mansor Ms. Sheikh Faisal Sheikh Mansor

The Shakespot brand was founded in 2008 to help manage its founder’s self-published books that have made their way internationally, having translated, distributed and sold to readers in 50 countries. Since then, one of Shakespot’s activities is to provide publishing services and consultancy to other self-publishers. Now, the Shakespot brand is an imprint of Shake Book Projects Sdn Bhd. Shake Book Projects is active in organizing projects and activities to spur the growth of the book industry, including consulting, publishing and representing books by self-published authors and other publishers as their agent.

shake@shakespot.net Publisher, Literary Agency Managing Director
38 Pakistan Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Philosophy/Religion   B28 2F., 63-2, Daegok-dong, Dalseo-gu 42766, Daegu, Korea +82 10 5844 3244 Mr. Ahmad Dawood Mr. Ahmad Dawood

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a dynamic, fast growing international revival within Islam, founded in 1889, it spans over 200 countries with membership exceeding tens of millions.

dawoodmalik@hotmail.com Association President
39 Russia Umnaia Bumaga Ltd. Children, Crafts/Hobbies/Home, Teen/Young Adult umbum.ru B21 St. Petersburg, 195030, Russia +7 812 6404168 Mr. Yuriy Tsvetkov Mr. Eugeny Neustroev

UMBUM(Clever Paper) Company is a Russian manufacturer of scale model kits, 3D puzzles and toys from cardboard to assemble that does not need scissors or glue. Even once acquainted with our products, you will not forget it, because UMBUM is not only models, puzzles and toys, it's also a happy time spent by the whole family, the development of fine motor skills, spatial thinking, the basics of construction and much more.
The company is also engaged in development, design and production of souvenir and promotional products.

keranova@umbum.ru Publisher, Exporter/Importer Head of Sales Department
40 Taiwan Association of Taiwan Publishing & Digital Contents Research Arts/Photography, Children, Comics/Graphic Novels, History, Languages, Literature/Fiction, Teen/Young Adult, Travel www.icosmos.com.tw C32 7F-3, No.88, Sec. 3, Sinsheng S.Rd., Da-an District, Taipei City 106, Taiwan +886 2 23659739 #17 Mr. Jiuliang Chou Ms. You-Yu Ko   webmarket@icosmos.com.tw Association  
41 Taiwan CITE Publishing Limited - Sharp Point Press   www.spp.com.tw B5 10Fl., No. 141, Sec. 2, Minsheng E. Rd., Jhongshan District, Taipei City 104, Taiwan +886 2 2500 7600 Fei-Peng Ho Carol Huang

Once, over 80% of our publications were authorized translations from foreign countries; now, original pieces comprise 50%. We've published a variety of books, ranging from romances, thrillers and mysteries, light novels, life style books, adult boy's love and magazines. In the past few years, we've striven to remake these pieces into games and films, and further promote these novels through translation.

carol_huang@mail2.spp.com.tw Publisher  
42 Taiwan Fang-yi Rita Chen Picture Book (Amenity and Organic International Co. Ltd) Picture Book www.chenrfangyi.com B5 No.137, Chongren St., East Dist., Tainan City 701, Taiwan +886 6 269 2966 Huang, Meng-Lan Huang, Paul, Chiu-Yao

Fang-Yi, Rita, Chen Picture Book is an independent publisher and also a personal brand, founded on 2013. Mrs. Chen is a fine art artist, good at watercolor painting, oil painting and ink painting. After her girl was born, she feels so much feelings want to share with the girl; no matter the feeling is about the love between mother and children or the perspective of this world. Mrs. Chen publishes picture books for her girl and also share the books with all parents and children in the world.

chiuyao.huang@gmail.com Publisher  
43 Taiwan Grimm Press Ltd Children www.grimmpress.com.tw A15 3F., No. 2, Sec. 2, Hsin-Sheng Sth. Rd., Taipei 10650, Taiwan +886 2 2351 7251 Mr. K.T. Hao Ms. Diane Ho

Grimm Press was established in 1993 and published over 500 first class, distinguished illustrated books, most of which have received international awards, including, Biennale Bratislava(BIB) Awards, Catalonia Biannual Book Exhibition, BIB Golden Apple Award... Grimm Press works with more than 300 prestigious illustrators from 32 countries over the world. We are active far beyond Eastern Asia, Hong Kong and mainland China with ownership of copyrights in over ten different languages, including English, German, Spanish, Korean and Japanese. Now Grimm Press has 250 Chinese and English e-books and we will have more in the future.

diane_ho@grimmpress.com.tw Publisher Foreign Rights Manager
44 Taiwan Hanziface Culture Enterprise Co., Ltd. Languages   B5 2F., No.17, Ln. 69, Minle St., Yonghe Dist., New Taipei City 234, Taiwan +886 2 8921 8427 Hung-Ju Chang Mary

Hanziface Culture Enterprise Co., Ltd. belongs to a new-typed cultural and creative industry, and our main purpose is to promote traditional Chinese character to all over the world. Up to now, we’re trying our best to connect Chinese hieroglyphic characters with creation, simultaneously, hoping to figure out the beauty of Chinese characters based with modern technology way on this unique figure-and-image character system. We expect to let those who wish to learn Chinese characters feel the real cultural conservation and artistic value of Chinese characters and to promote this unique figure-and-image Chinese character system in the world.

45 Taiwan I'm Publishing Group   www.17buy.com.tw B5 1F., No.78-1, Aly. 27, Ln. 372, Sec. 5, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan +886 2 23457222 John Chiang Camy Liao

" I'm Publishing Group " was formally established on October 10, 2001. There are six major publishing brands in our group: "I'm Publishing", "I'm Global Village", "iF Culture Publishing", "iS Culture Publishing", "Language Publishing", and "Diy Publishing". We commit to the development of new types of learning topics and methods. We hope that every reader can easily learn and read without burden. We are not only the most professional publishing group of language learning books, but also dedicate our passion on publishing books in the field of "Arts & Photography ", "Business & Money ", "Parenting & Relationships " and "Self-Help ", in order to meet the needs of all readers in a more diversified and comprehensive manners. Apart from the outstanding performance on sales of the publications from " I'm Publishing Group ", our six major brands are the regulars on the best-seller lists of all time. Furthermore, we have great achievements in copy rights authorization, that the number of annual authorization has reached 80% of our total publications. The copyrights of our books have already been authorized to the following area, including China, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, Singapore , Malaysia and etc.

iam.camy@17buy.com.tw Publisher  
46 Taiwan Locus Publishing Company   www.locuspublishing.com B5 11F, NO.25, Sec. 4, Nan-King East Road, Taipei 10550, Taiwan +886 2 8712 3898 Rex How Vinelle Pan

A Taiwanese publisher focus on business, true stories including memoirs, biographies, and travelogues; self-help, especially about personal growth; illustrated books; fiction, literary or genre in Adult, YA/Crossover categories; historical, philosophical, or social tops for general readers; Lifestyle; arts; Health; day-to-day inspirations and light literature designed for female readers.

vinelle@locuspublishing.com Publisher  
47 Taiwan PsyGarden Publishing Company   www.psygarden.com.tw B5 2F., No 8, Lane 53, Sec. 4, Hsin-Yi Rd., Taipei 10684, Taiwan +886 2 2702 9186 #226 Hao-Wei Wang Joyce Liu

The PsyGarden Publishing Company was founded in October 2000. Our aim is to create a borderless, humanistic community of lifelong learning by propagating knowledge and information that promote body-mind-spirit wellness. We provide publications, talks, group activities for personal growth, advanced trainings, and opportunities for networking in the pursuit of sound, rapid and holistic learning towards an ever-ascending quality of life.

joyceliu@psygarden.com.tw Publisher  
48 Taiwan Run Universe Co., Ltd. Education/Parenting/Teaching, Literature/Fiction, Self-Help   C25 5F-2, No. 223, Minquan Rd., New Taipei City, 25159, Taiwan +886 930490800 Mr. Kuang-Yu Cheng Mr. Kuang-Yu Cheng

Run Universe Inc. publishes books in the fields of love, wealth, health, relationship, and influence. Crenovator Smart Technology focuses on VR contents about science education.

ispace4car@gmail.com Publisher, Exporter/Importer President
49 Taiwan Taipei Book Fair Foundation   www.taipeibookfair.org B5 10F, No. 180, Sec. 1, Keelung Rd., Taipei 110, Taiwan +886 2 2767 1268 #106 James C. M. Chao Annie Wu   anniejswu@taipeibookfair.org Association  
50 Taiwan The Grayhawk Agency     B5 14F, No.63, Sec.4, Xinyi Rd. Taipei 10684, Taiwan +886 2 2705 9231 #202 Gray Tan Jade Fu

Founded in 2008 by Gray Tan, The Grayhawk Agency is a Taiwan-based literary agency representing foreign publishers and agents in the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets, as well as Chinese-language authors for translation, film and TV rights. Our seven agents attend international book fairs in Frankfurt, London, BEA, Beijing, Taipei, Seoul and Bangkok regularly.

jade@grayhawk-agency.com Literary Agency  
51 Taiwan Walkers Cultural Enterprise Ltd. Cooking/Health/Fitness, History, Politics/Social Sciences www.bookrep.com.tw/publisher/526 A19 9F., No. 108-2, Minquan Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 231, Taiwan +886 2 2218 1417 #3212 Mr. Chun Hsin KUO Ms. Kalin Wang

Established in 2000, Walkers Cultural is an imprint of Book Republic and offers a wide range of titles in the fields of food & drink, home & garden, culture and history of Asia and Europe. We have maintained the spirit of our motto “Knowledge is power” over the past seventeen years in the cultivation of our publishing business.

canlin489@bookrep.com.tw Publisher Editor
52 Taiwan Winfortune Culture Enterprise Co., Ltd. Children, Comics/Graphic Novels, Teen/Young Adult www.winfortune.com.tw B5 2F., No.286, Rui’an St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan +886 2 2709 9728 Yu-Ching Yan Frederic Huang

Winfortune Culture Enterprise Co., Ltd. focuses on picture books, comics , children's books and young-adult novels.

53 Taiwan Wu-Nan Book Inc. Arts/Photography, Business/Money, Children, Cooking/Health/Fitness, History, Languages, Law, Philosophy/Religion, Politics/Social Sciences, Reference/Textbooks, STM www.wunan.com.tw B5 4F, No.339, Sec.2 Ho-Ping E. Rd. 10670 Taipei, Taiwan +886 2 2705 5066 #888 Yang Jung Chuan Yaru Lee

Wu-Nan Book Inc. is a major academic and textbook publisher in Taiwan. During the last 50 years, Wu-Nan has published more than 2000 titles, including both social and natural science. We have established solid reputation in the professional publishing field. We are also very active in the foreign rights market; we have bought and sold more than hundreds of titles in the past.

chiefedm@wunan.com.tw Publisher  
54 Taiwan Yes Creative Agency / Papa Publishing House Children goo.gl/jFdiqn B5 1F., No.2, Aly. 1, Ln. 275, Sec. 2,Xinglong Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan +886 2 2931 6891 Barkley Kuo Hsiao, Ching-Lien

Papa Publishing House publishes illustrated books, fairy tales, and fictions for kids. Every book is originally created by Taiwanese writer and illustrator. We hope to add more caring and local elements in our books, aiming to give children chances to read about themselves by producing more Taiwanese-based stories. By making high quality children’s books, we also encourage our children to experience the beauty of the integration of verbal and visual elements, and start to notice the stories that happen around every corner.

55 Thailand Nanmeebooks Co., Ltd. Children, Comics/Graphic Novels, Education/Parenting/Teaching, Languages, Literature/Fiction, Reference/Textbooks, Self-Help, Teen/Young Adult www.nanmeebooks.com A22-2 11, Sukhumvit 31 (Soi Sawasdee), Klongtoey Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 19119, Thailand +662 662 3000 #5218 Ms. Suwadee Chongsatitwatana Ms. Suchada Ngamwatanajinda

Founded in 1992, Nanmeebooks is one of the leading publishers in Thailand, which publish both fiction and non-fiction for people at all ages licensed from around the world. We are known for educational books for children and youth literature including J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter. We are the first and leading company to publish Korean educational comics in Thai. Apart from books, we provide educational resources and services, from e-learning programs to summer camps and seminars at our two learning centers in Bangkok and Khaoyai. We have literature award and reading clubs. We own 5 bookshops in Bangkok and 2 bookshops in other provinces.

suchada@nanmeebooks.com Publisher Publishing Manager
56 Turkey Association of Press and Publishing Turkey   www.basyaybir.org D1 Binbirdirek Mahallesi Dostluk, Yurdu Sokak Yeşil Apartmanı No:1 Kat:1, Daire:3 Sultanahmet- Fatih - İstanbul, Turkey +90 212 512 04 97 Münür Üstün Münür Üstün

APP was founded in 1991 and has 200 members. Its aim is to encourage the Turkish population’s interest in culture, art and literature.

57 Turkey Buyuk Dogu Yayinlari History, Literature/Fiction, Philosophy/Religion, Politics/Social Sciences www.buyukdoguyayinlari.com.tr D1 Hasanpasa mh. Uzuncayir cd. Sarilar is merkezi, 24/16, 34722 Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey +90 216 546 10 26 Emrah Kisakurek Emrah Kisakurek

Büyük Doğu Publications was established in 1973 as the publishing organ dedicated to Necip Fazil’s struggles for an ideal.

emrah_kisakurek@buyukdogu.com Publisher  
58 Turkey Kalem Agency Children, Comics/Graphic Novels, Literature/Fiction, Teen/Young Adult www.kalemagency.com A5 Asmali Mescit mah, Sehbender sok. No:18/6, Beyoglu, Istanbul 34430, Turkey +90 532 065 57 13 Ms. Nermin Mollaoglu Ms. Goksun Bayraktar

Founded in Istanbul, Turkey, Kalem Literary Agency represents numerous renowned Turkish authors among them the most prominent and established assets of contemporary Turkish literature and classical masters like Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar.
Our search for emerging voices and perseverance to support and nurture newly developing talents goes hand in hand with our respect for the roots of Turkish Literary tradition, even if our focus is on fiction that ranges from high-quality literary works to commercial titles with mass-market appeal, we also represent non-fiction titles. Besides representing Turkish language rights, Kalem Agency also works as a sub-agent for publishers and literary agencies abroad. Our main objective is to match the right publishers with just the right titles.

rights2@kalemagency.com Literary Agency Literary Agent
59 Turkey Ötüken History, Languages, Law, Literature/Fiction, Philosophy/Religion, Politics/Social Sciences, Reference/Textbooks www.otuken.com.tr D1 İstiklal Cad., Ankara İshanı, No: 65/3, Beyoglu, İstanbul, Turkey +90 546 880 04 81 Ertugrul Alpay Kadir Yilmaz

Otuken Publishing, Co was established in 1964. It focuses on publishing of first class literature and social science books which are especially related with Turkish history and culture. From history to law, non-fiction to fine arts, philosophy to sports, memoirs to religion, Otuken publishes books a very wide-range of fields. As one of the leading publishing houses of Turkey, Otuken has always presented most notable writers both in fiction and non-fiction, such as Peyami Safa, Tarik Bugra, Osman Turan, Cengiz Aytmatov, Mehmet Genc. In addition to classical writers, Otuken gives importance on development of young and talented writers. Moreover, Otuken published the largest dictionary of Turkish language.

kadir.yilmaz@otuken.com.tr Publisher  
60 Turkey Semerkand Publishing Children, Education/Parenting/Teaching, Literature/Fiction, Philosophy/Religion, Reference/Textbooks www.semerkand.com D1 Eyup sultan mah., Esma Sok no.3, Sancaktepe, Istanbul, Turkey +90 532 559 31 73 Cezmi Akgul Cezmi Akgul

Founded in 1997 as a limited company, Semerkand grew to be a group of companies in a short time with other companies incorporated into its structure. Taking its first step into publishing industry along with the publishing of Semerkand Magazine, Semerkand Group has consolidated its position in the publishing business by introducing Semerkand Aile, Mostar, Gencokur and Cocuk Magazines to its readers.
Over 700 distinguished titles from ten imprints within the Semerkand Group under the categories of religion-tasawwuf, culture, literature, historical literature, academics, youth and children’s literature have earned the appreciation of their readers.

cezmi.akgul@semerkand.com Publisher  
61 Turkey Sozler Publication Region/Philosophy www.sozler.com.tr B23 SULEYMAN DEMİREL BLV. AYKOSAN İDS, Complex 4. Block A, Floor 3 No:244 İKİTELLİ/ISTANBUL 34410, TURKEY +90 555 881 56 54 Mr. Osman SEVİMLİ Mr. Abdullayev Ibrahim

The Sozler Publication was founded in 1975 in Turkey and publishes books of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi (The Risale-i Nur Collection). Main theme of this book is knowledge of God, human, universe and eternity. The Risale-i Nur books have been translated 54 different languages for wide readers in all corners of world.

ibrahimabdullayev@ymail.com Publisher  
62 Turkey The Istanbul chamber of commerce Business/Money www.ito.org.tr B1 Resadiye Caddesi-Eminonu, Istanbul 34112, Turkey +90 212 455 6118 Omer Bal(Secretary General) Murat ÖZTURAN

Since its foundation in 1882, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICOC) has been the most effective and influential organisation in the business climate of Turkey and represents, currently, almost 369,717 companies from all corners and international bodies such as UNIDO, ITC, ASCAME, etc.

ICOC provides experts assistance to its members regarding legal and financial legislations, foreign trade and customs regulations, trade and investment incentive and such topics like consumer protection or e-commerce. Within this frame Istanbul Chamber of Commerce prepares and circulates publications both in Turkish and other languages. Thus, ICOC has always been a pioneer in the development of commerce and economy in Turkey.

murat.ozturan@ito.org.tr Association Analyst
63 Turkey TURKEY - Ministry of Culture and Tourism History, Literature/Fiction www.kultur.gov.tr D1 Fevzi Paşa Mahallesi Cumhuriyet Bulvarı No:4 B-Blok, Kat:2, 06030 Ulus – ANKARA +90 312 309 90 01 #4092 Mr. Hamdi Turşuku Mr. Hamdi Turşuku

Turkish Collective Stand organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in cooperation with National Organizing Committee for International Book Fairs aims to promote Turkish culture and literature as well as publishing industry with the participation of many publishers from Turkey and also promotes TEDA, which is a translation subvention Program executed by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

rcavusktb@gmail.com Publisher, Government Body General Director
64 Turkey Yeni İnsan Yayınevi History, Literature/Fiction, Philosophy/Religion, Travel www.yeniinsanyayinevi.com D1 Altıntepe Mah. Galipbey Cad. özüdoğru Sok. No.44/1-B Maltepe, İstanbul, Turkey +90 532 527 08 42 Aytaç Timur Aytaç Timur

Yeni İnsan Yayınevi (New Human Publisher) is a small independent publishing house whose aim is to study the philosophical, political, and cultural reasons along with the historical details and related educational factors of ecological catastrophes. We are a member of the green movement in Turkey. We stand against the modern and value participation; each and every book is reviewed before publication until consensus is reached, by everyone related its making.

aytac@yeniinsanyayinevi.com Publisher  
65 Turkey Yumurcak Children www.yumurcakyayinlari.com.tr D1 Mahmutbey mah, halkali cd, No. 88, Gunesli, Istanbul, Turkey +90 212 651 61 40 Mustafa Dogru Mustafa Dogru

Yumurcak is founded in 2004 in Istanbul. We publish for kindergarten education, activity, educational books, board books, stories, puzzle books and related. Our catalog has more than 300 books published. Yumurcak enjoys international publishers view. We have our books published in 6 countries by different local publishers. We also participate in Bologna, Frankfurt and Istanbul Book Fairs.

66 UK Arkbound Literature/Fiction www.arkbound.com A21 Backfields House, Upper York Street, Bristol BS2 8QJ, UK +44 0871 268 2923 Mr. Steve Mcnaught Mr. Steve Mcnaught

Publishing Social Enterprise

editorial@arkbound.com Publisher President
67 UK Auris Reference Dictionary/Encyclopedia, History, Reference/Textbooks, Business/Money, Languages, STM www.aurisreference.com B11 88 Wood Street,10th Floor, London EC2V 7RS, UK +44 7826 930152 Muz Shafi Muz Shafi   info@aurisreference.com    
68 UK Award Publications Ltd Children, Dictionary/Encyclopedia www.awardpublications.co.uk B11 The Old Riding School, Welbeck, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S80 3LR, UK +44 1909 478170 Anna Wilkinson David Meggs

For 45 years Award Publications has been producing the very best in children’s books. From gift to reference books, board books to early learning, our mission is to encourage children, and those who read with them, to develop a love of books and learning for life. In 2013 we acquired the publishing rights to the Picthall & Gunzi Essential Early Learning list; adding a range of photographic titles to the illustrated titles produced under the Award imprint. Our books have sold into more than 100 countries and been translated into 70 different languages.

david@awardpublications.co.uk Publisher  
69 UK Bonnier Publishing Children, Cooking/Health/Fitness, Dictionary/Encyclopedia, Literature/Fiction, Teen/Young Adult www.bonnierpublishing.com B11 1.07-1.09 The Plaza, 535 King's Road, Chelsea, London, SW10 0SZ, UK +44 20 3770 8888 Mr. Richard Johnson Mr. Richard Laurence

Bonnier Publishing is the fastest growing publisher in the UK, with group sales of £128m. It has divisions in Australia, France and the USA with more than 500 employees worldwide. In the UK it comprises imprints Hot Key Books, Piccadilly Press, Zaffre, Twenty7, Manilla, Totally Entwined Group, IglooBooks, Autumn Publishing, Templar, Blink Publishing, John Blake Publishing, Studio Press and Weldon Owen UK. Its overseas imprints are The Five Mile Press and Echo Publishing in Australia, Paris based publishers Piccolia and Elcy, Little Bee books in New York and Weldon Owen US in San Francisco. Bonnier Publishing is owned by Bonnier Books in Sweden, which is a top 15 world publisher with global sales of £650m.

Laurence.richard@bonnierpublishing.com Publisher Asia Sales Director
70 UK I-Read Children   B11 Unit 7 Hatfield Regis, Grange Farm, Hatfield Broad Oak, CM22 7JZ, UK +44 7795 972417 Jonathan Holland Aby Mann

I-Read Ltd is a publisher of children’s activity, novelty books. Including 3D stickers, magic painting, glow in the dark stickers, educational activity books, atlas sticker books and many neon coloring books! I-Read offers Rights and Co-editions.

aby@i-read.co.uk Publisher  
71 UK Louisa Pritchard Associates Business/Money, Comics/Graphic Novels, Cooking/Health/Fitness, Literature/Fiction, Politics/Social Sciences, STM, Self-Help www.louisapritchard.co.uk A7 Flat 5, 81 Battersea Church Road, London SW11 3LY, UK +44 77 1472 1787 Ms. Louisa Pritchard Ms. Louisa Pritchard

Louisa Pritchard Associates is a literary agency specializing in the sale of international rights. We represent leading literary agencies and independent publishers including Elliott &Thompson, Galley Beggar Press, Annette Green Authors' Agency, Andrew Mann Ltd, MBA Literary Agents, Myriad Editions, Saqi Books and The Science Factory.

louisa@louisapritchard.co.uk Literary Agency Chief Executive
72 UK Mira Publishing House cic Literature/Fiction MiraPublishing.com B11 481a Otley Road - Leeds LS16 7NR - West Yorkshire, UK +44 7584 1275 Mira Fadwa Fadel Mira Fadel

Mira Publishing House is a non-profit company, based in Yorkshire (UK). Our objectives are: 1. Promoting the international understanding via translating and publishing literature from all over the world. 2. Empowering people with true freedom to choose what to read via our innovative books search-engine BookLight.International.

info@MiraPublishing.com Publisher  
73 UK Pavilion Books Arts/Photography, Children, Cooking/Health/Fitness, Crafts/Hobbies/Home, History www.pavilionbooks.com B11 43 Great Ormond Street, London, WC1N 3HZ, UK +44 207 462 1500 Polly Powell Rebecca Lake

Pavilion Books is an innovative book publisher specialising in illustrated non-fiction for all markets. Particular subjects of expertise include wine and cookery, popular culture, craft, history, heritage, fashion, lifestyle and children’s. Its imprints are Batsford, Collins and Brown, National Trust, Pavilion, Pavilion Children’s, Pitkin, Portico and Salamander.

rlake@pavilionbooks.com Publisher  
74 UK Sweet Cherry Publishing Children, Education/Parenting/Teaching, Teen/ Young Adult www.sweetcherrypublishing.com B11 Unit 36, Vulcan House, Vulcan Road, Leicester, LE5 3EF, UK +44 116 253 6796 Abdul Thadha Lara Clift

Sweet Cherry Publishing is an independent children’s publishing company that specialises in fiction series. Our books explore engaging characters and worlds that children will want to revisit time and time again. Our list targets a wide span of readers – from board books and picture books all the way through to YA, and covers a diverse range of genres and interests including detective/mystery, fantasy, and coming-of-age. Our educational titles for younger children are also very popular with parents and teachers.

lara@sweetcherrypublishing.com Publisher  
75 UK THE ECONOMIST Magazine www.upa.co.kr D41 44, Daehak-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea +82 2 708 2572 Ms. Su-Yeon Shin Mr. Byung Wook So

UPA licensed by the government in 1958 is Korea’s first professional importer and distributor of foreign publications. UPA distributes and promotes worldwide popular high demand magazines

sbw@upa.co.kr Agency Sales Manager
76 UK The Publishers Association   www.publishers.org.uk B11 50 Southwark Street, London SE1 1UN, UK +44 20 7378 0504 Mr. Stephen Lotinga Ms. Gloria Bailey

The Publishers Association represents the interests of UK publishers across trade, education and academic publishers. Our members publish academic journals, text books for higher, secondary and primary education, fiction, non-fiction, children’s and learning resources. As a whole the industry contributes over £4.4bn to the UK economy with digital revenues contributing 32% and export sales accounting for 43%.

gbailey@publishers.org.uk Association Manager, Overseas Trade Fairs
77 Ukraine The Old Lion Publishing House Arts/Photography, Business/Money, Children, Cooking/Health/Fitness, Craft/Hobbies/Home, Literature/Fiction, Philosophy/Religion, Reference/Textbooks, Self-Help, Teen/Young Adult, Travel www.starylev.com.ua/foreign-rights A11 879, Lemkivska Str., 15-A, Lviv 80362, Ukraine +38 97 696 0703 Mr. MyKola Sheyko Mr. Ivan Fedechko

The old Lion Publishing House (Vydavnytstvo Starihi Leva) Founded in 2001 in Lviv, Ukraine, as a traditional publishers of children's literature. Now Old Lion stands for a wide range of books aimed at readers aged 0 to adults, including board books, fairy tales, poems for kids, stories for schoolchildren, teen series, poetry, novels, atlases and albums, and even anti stress coloring books. It publishes nearly 169 titles per year, both of Ukrainian authors and translated literature. The Old Lion is famous for its prize-winning Stars and Poppy Seeds and War that Changed Rondo By Romana Romnayshyn and Andriy Lesiv.

ivan.fedechko@starlev.com.ua Publisher Foreign Rights Manager
78 USA BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK Magazine www.upa.co.kr D41 44, Daehak-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea +82 2 708 2572 Ms. Su-Yeon Shin Mr. Byung Wook So

UPA licensed by the government in 1958 is Korea’s first professional importer and distributor of foreign publications. UPA distributes and promotes worldwide popular high demand magazines

sbw@upa.co.kr Agency Sales Manager
79 USA Little Brown Books for Young Readers Children, Comics/Graphic Novels, Teen/Young Adult www.hachettebookgroup.com A9 1290 Avenue of The Americas, New York, NY 10104, USA +1 212 364 1434 Mr. Michael Pietsch Ms. Svetlana Keselman

Hachette Book Group is a leading trade publisher based in New York and a division of Hachette Livre (a Lagardere company), the third-largest trade and educational publisher in the world. HBG is made up of eight publishing groups: Little, Brown and Company; Little, Brown Books for Young Readers; Grand Central Publishing, Perseus Books; Orbit; Hachette Books; Hachette Nashville; and Hachette Audio. HBG's bestselling authors include Sherman Alexie, David Baldacci, Chris Colfer, Michael Connelly, Malcolm Gladwell, Shannon Hale, Stephenie Meyer, Gwyneth Paltrow, James Patterson, Jerry Pinkney, J.K. Rowling, J.D Salinger, Stacy Schiff, Lemony Snicket/Daniel Handler, Nicholas Sparks, and Malala Yousafzal.

svetlana.keselman@hbgusa.com Publisher Subsidiary Rights Manager
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UPA licensed by the government in 1958 is Korea’s first professional importer and distributor of foreign publications. UPA distributes and promotes worldwide popular high demand magazines

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The American Center Korea (ACK), the U.S. Embassy's reference and research provider, delivers information about U.S. Policy and Society to the Korean people.

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